Generating Numbers

Using Math.Random

by angelux079

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Math.Random is a function that generates a number from Math.Random(a,b) if a = 10 and b = 20 it would generate a number from 10-20

You can use variables to function Math.Random, in the script below it will show how to use it

local a = 10 --The number 1 that goes in Math.random(a,b)
local b = 20 --The number 2 that goes in Math.random(a,b)

math.random(a,b) --Using variables we can transfer the values into the function


--Example Script

local c = 1
local d = 10

local Generated_Number = 0

script.Parent.Button.MouseButton1Click:Connect(function()--When a button is pressed functions the code below

if Generated_Number == 0 then

Generated_Number = math.random(c,d)

elseif Generated_Number ~= 0 then

Generated_Number = math.random(c,d)


script.Parent.Button.Text = Generated_Number


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