Viewport frame tutorial

How to use viewport frame

by awosoneplayer123_90

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Before starting the sorry for bad quality images

What is a viewport frame

Viewport frame are like imagelabel 2.0

What they dont need

  1. Image
  2. File

What they need

  1. A camera
  2. A part or mesh or union

How to make one

First insert a ScreenGui in StarterGui


Also insert a viewport frame inside


Then customize it

After insert a LocalScript in the ViewportFrame and type the following code

local viewportFrame = script.Parent

local camera ="Camera",viewportFrame)
viewportFrame.CurrentCamera = camera

local part ="Part",viewportFrame)
part.BrickColor =,0,230)
part.Position =,0,0)

camera.CFrame =,3,12),part.Position)    --if you are not famillar with CFrames please read the article Understand CFrame on devforum



The End

Thanks you for reading i hope you enjoy Have a good day :D

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