How to Make a Simulator Game - 1

Everybody wants to make a simulator game, so here's how!

by xAstralMars

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What is a Simulator Game?

If you don't know what a simulator game is, they're basically games where most of the time, you have a tool that gives you something. You can then sell that thing for money, which you use to buy upgrades to give you more things that give you things that give you money. They're also just pay 2 win money traps....

What we'll be covering

Today, we will learn about DataStores, and leaderstats, the first part of simulators. We will also make a simple part that sells your value, and make a tool that gives you a value.

This Tutorial




First of all, make a script in ServerScriptService, and call it leaderstats. Inside, put this:

	local leaderstats ="folder") -- our folder
	leaderstats.Parent = player
	leaderstats.Name = "leaderstats" -- very important, dont change name

	local strength ="IntValue") -- name it whatever
	strength.Parent = leaderstats
	strength.Name = "Strength" -- name it whatever again
	strength.Value = 0 -- this is the player's starting value

	local cash ="IntValue") -- name it whatever
	cash.Parent = leaderstats
	cash.Name = Cash -- name it whatever again
	cash.Value = 0 -- this is the player's starting value

Now, if you test your game, you should see the values in your name.

How to give the player "Strength"

So, depending on what your simulator is about, you will want a different tool. For me, I did "strength," so I would probably want to use a weight. Just go in the toolbox and get a weight, or whatever. You can also make your own model and make it a tool, but I am not going to be showing how to do that. First, make a script inside of Workspace, name it MainEvent. Do not put anything in the script. Now, put a RemoteEvent inside of it, and call it ToolEvent. Now, inside the tool you chose, put a LocalScript inside of it. In the localscript, put this

local tool = script.Parent -- the tool

tool.Activated:Connect(function() -- player clicked tool event
	workspace.MainEvent.ToolEvent:FireServer() -- sends message to server

Inside of MainEvent, put this:

local remoteevent = script.ToolEvent
local player = game.Players.LocalPlayer

remoteevent.OnServerEvent:Connect(function() -- recieves message from server
	player.leaderstats.Strength.Value = player.leaderstats.Strength.Value + 1 -- or whatever value

Now, your tool should work.

Sell "Strength" for "Cash"

Make a part in Workspace, then edit it to however you want. Name it SellPart, or something with "Sell" in it, to get less confusing. Now, put a Script inside of it:

local part = script.Parent

	if hit.Parent:FindFirstChild("Humanoid") then
		local player = game.Players:GetPlayerFromCharacter(hit.Parent)
		local cash = player.leaderstats.Cash
		local selling = player.leaderstats.Strength
		cash.Value = cash.Value + selling.Value * 1
		selling.Value = 0

The Final Part: DataStores

Step 1: Publish your game Step 2: Enable API Access in Settings Step 3: Put this script in ServerScriptService:

local dss = game:GetService("DataStoreService")
local ds = dss:GetDataStore("PlayerData")

	local data = ds:GetAsyc(player.UserId)
	local strength = player.leaderstats.Strength
	local cash = player.leaderstats.Cash

	strength.Value = data[1]
	cash.Value = data[2]

	local data = {
	strength = player.leaderstats.Strength.Value,
cash = player.leaderstats.Cash.Value,

The End

And that is how to make the first parts of a simulator. See you next time!

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