Make animation for characters

Learn to animate characters models and run them in-game.

by Mark_GoodMan

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Hello, people looking for tutorials! I'm Mark_GoodMan, a young 13 years old Vietnamese programmer who makes tutorial for all of you, Today I'll be teaching you how to animate. If you seeing some grammar mistakes, don't blame me, I'm just a young teenager, tell me if you seeing grammar mistake and I will fix those later.

quick talk: before this tutorial was different, this new tutorial is about the new Roblox Animation editor, the old one is about the old animation editor, the way you animate, the way you export is way different from the new one, now the new one is released and they removed the old one, I miss it, but we have to continue to the new and improved one.

Also this works with Moon Animation Suite or Moon animator 2 but I'm going to do the Roblox animation editor first because it's for people who are new at Roblox animation.

1. Spawning character model (Getting started)

So the first thing you need to know is spawning models of characters, there's a plugin on Roblox that allows you to insert any Roblox user avatar models in the game, it's called "Load Character Lite" by AlreadyPro. Once you downloaded the plugin, go to "Plugins" and then click on Load characters (as shown in the images)


After that, just spawn a character by entering their username, and you're done.

2. Animating

After you have done spawning the character, now it's time to animate! Go to "Plugins" once again and then you can see "Animation Editor", now once you click it on, it will tell you to select a rig, now click on the selected models that you spawned, then it will give you access to the animation and unlocks all available rigs for the models (depends on avatar type, R6 gives fewer rigs and R15 gives more rigs, I recommend using R6 because it's easier to animate for new animators, but if you wanna make animation even better then sure just use R15, no one is preventing), now let's animate.

SKIP THIS ONE IF YOU ALREADY KNOW HOW TO ANIMATE!!! Now here are some quick details on animating, Let's talk about keyframes. In the first frame, all frames are added automatically once you animated body parts (rigs) at a different time on the timeline, next thing is rotating and moving body parts, right now when you start animating, it will be "Rotating", but if you wanna switch to "Moving" then you just press "r" on your keyboard. Now there's Local Space and World Space, World Space is rotating body parts on the correct rotation of the game, however Local Space is quite different, when you animate the body parts to left down, it will gonna switch rotation of the body parts, by pressing "Y" to switch between those, I recommend using Local Space so you can animate easily. Now with the Steps, this thing makes you move the body part in a direction as the studs. You currently using Free, which means you can move anywhere whatever you want, but pressing T will switch it to 10 studs and 45 studs, I recommend using Free so you can move anywhere without being stuck.

There's a new feature that allows you to make the frame smoother, by selecting a frame, and right click then goes to Easing Style, this option change how the movement goes, currently only 5 optionS, more will be added soon.


Linear: this is how the animation normally goes, without editing, it's set to default when entering a keyframe. Constant: this will make the keyframe won't move, but it will teleport instantly to the end of the movement of the frame. Cubic: it will go slow at first and then go very quickly at the end of the middle (depends on Easing Direction) Elastic: this will make the movement zig-zag from start to the end, this is almost the same as how the robot moves around Bounce: let's just say the keyframe will make the movement bounce from this then bounce to that.

There is also another option is Easing Direction, this will make an impact on the keyframe. It changes the speed of the keyframe.


In: if you change any option in the Easing Style, this will make them go slow and smoothly at the start, then go very fast to the end of the keyframe. Out: this is the same as the "In" but it's reversed, it will go very fast at the start and then go slowly at the end of the keyframe. InOut: this is a mix between "In" and "Out", it will make the keyframe go slow at the start, and then go fast in the middle of the keyframe, and then it will go slow at the end of the keyframe. (Recommended option to make animation smoothly)

Here's some quick picture of me animating myself:


NOTE: If you importing an animation, you will see some keys have red around them, but don't worry! It's because they are not aligned to frames, you have the option to Align all keys now or just Ignore the warning, it doesn't matter which option you choose! It just fixes the position for all keyframe, it's up to you. This will most likely occur when your importing animation from Moon Animation Suite or Moon Animator 2

Oh btw once you finished animating, click on Loop, so it will run the animation looping, this is important so you can run your animation in-game non-stop


3. Exporting animation

Now after you are done animating, the next thing is you click on the "File" on the animation bar, then click on both save and export, but save first, enter a name then enter, now the animation is saved, now for the export, when you click on export, it will pop-up a window.


Once it opens the window, now it will show a screen, all you need to focus on is click on that "(Create New)", the other animation is an animation that I made before, but it doesn't matter right now, moving on!


Now once you clicked (Create New), a window will pop-up, all you need to do, just enter a title for the animation you want to be, and a description (optional), after you have done both of them, click the green button under the window called "Finish", and it should start uploading!


After it finished uploading, now go to the "Share your Animation with friends", and then find the number ID of the animation, as seen in the image of an example, when you hold those number, right-click while holding left click, because there's a glitch that putting off the left hand will select all of the links, so right-click while holding that number ID, and then right-click and then click "copy", and after that, your done, now open notepad and paste the number ID for later.

Remember to open notepad on your PC and paste the number ID right there

4. Running animation in-game

Now this is the most important, read carefully

Now once you got the number ID of the animation, go to the model you animated on, click on ">" then go to HumanoidRootPart and go to Anchored, make sure it's turned on, so when the animation is running, you don't make it fall off when you touch it, there will be a new model in the character you animated, it has a name of "AnimSaves", that's where the animation you made will be saved, don't touch it.

Now the next thing you should do is right click the model character and insert script, after that click on script and enter the following script:

local animation = script:WaitForChild('Animation')
-- The animation ID
local humanoid = script.Parent:WaitForChild('Humanoid')
-- The NPC humanoid
local Animator = humanoid:WaitForChild('Animator') -- Required to play animation
local animationTrack = Animator:LoadAnimation(animation) -- preparing
animationTrack:Play() -- And play the animation epicly


Due to Roblox deprecating Humanoid:LoadAnimation This script has been replaced with Animator:LoadAnimation instead because this functions better, Most NPC already have Animator inside their Humanoid so if you don't have an Animator in NPC Humanoid then make a new one doing"Animator") Using Humanoid:LoadAnimation still works but the functionality isn't strong & perfect. I strongly discourage their use and do not use it for new work.

Once you entered the script, now right-click again on the script and insert "Animation", now click on Animation then enter the number ID of the animation you created (like I said, make sure to open notepad on PC and paste the number ID of animation, if you don't then you have to go on Roblox website and go to your "inventory" and click on "Animations", then you will have to click on the animation you created and copy the number ID again, that will waste so much time, so that's why you need to open notepad and paste the number ID to do stuff quickly and faster)

Now here are the images of entering script and animation ID so you if you're mistaken, you can look at the image and try again:


Now after you did all of these steps correctly, now run the game, either pressing "play" or "run" will also work, and ta-da, now your animation is running successfully on looping and touching it won't make it fall off (but if you want it to fall off then go to HumanoidRootPart and uncheck the "Anchored", but it's not recommended doing that.)

So that's it, now you can make a game with models running animation on looping, plus other players can also see the animation running

5. End of tutorial

Thank you Lua Learning for letting me make this tutorial, I appreciate that, I took like 11 hours just to make this tutorial cause of the lacks of images ID I have to upload on Roblox, but anyway thank you for reading this tutorial and have a wonderful day!

7/7/2020 Update: I just take another 3 hours to replace all image with the new one and add a few more words because the old image and some words are all outdated, so that's a total of 14 hours

11/11/2020 Update: Minor grammar improvements & mistakes fixed! Also new code because roblox just deprecated Humanoid:LoadAnimation. Added a wall for each step so it will make your life easier!


If you ever working on a game project, and your not the owner of the game and someone is the owner, your animation won't work, only you can see it, others won't see the animation because the owner of the game doesn't own your animation.

So how to fix this? Well, it's simple. Tell the owner of the game to go to the character you created the animation on, and then go to the file called "AnimSaves", then you can see the square icon right there, that's the data for animation, tell the owner to right-click it and then click "Save to Roblox", and then follow the step 3 on this tutorial, it's the same exporting after done exporting it will create an animation ID for him, copy his animation ID and paste in the Animation run script (follow Step 4) and it should work!

Last time I checked this tutorial is 11/13/2020. (Months/Day/Year) this tutorial was created on 11/23/2019.

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