Leaderboard Rank

Put in ServerScriptService

by PunyAdmin1

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local playerStats = {} --this keeps a list of the stats for each player that enters the game

     local leaderstats = Instance.new("Model", player)
     leaderstats.Name = "leaderstats"

     local grouprank = Instance.new("StringValue", leaderstats)
     grouprank.Name = "Rank"
     local rank = player:GetRoleInGroup(4480202) -- Insert the group ID for whatever group you want ranks displayed for here. 

     if rank ~= 0 then -- Sets the rank that isnt in your group (Keep it 0)
         grouprank.Value = rank
         grouprank.Value = "Guest" --  Names the rank of people not in your group (Ex: Guest)

     playerStats[player] = leaderstats 

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