Game Enhancement Tips

Learn everything about how to make a perfect game!

by TooVibes

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Games are what most lua learning players want to make. Now, how should you start? You found the perfect place. This tutorial will teach you HOW to make a PERFECT game that your friends and you can enjoy.

Whenever you make a game, remember these tips: 1. Always think of a impressive name and description. 2. Always mark that its in development (remove the mark after the game is done) 3. Never forget this, dont make your name a joke unless if its a joke game.

Those are tips that you should always follow. Now, lets go inside studio.

As you see, you have settings. If your game is a singleplayer game, dont enable private servers. Oh and, if you would wonder what can make your players play your game every day, its daily rewards. Everyone in the earth have alot of time, so why not use the time to get a free reward?

Make sure that you have good graphics, but managing the quality. If its too high quality, players might lag. If its too low quality, players will hate it, so minimize the quality for atleast most players fit for it.

Now, if you are willing to get the bricksmith or homestead badge, start by inviting you friends. NEVER ADVERTISE YOUR GAME UNLESS IF IT IS AT A GOOD VERSION.

Make sure the game is a good type of game, if you just want to make a game any type, start with tycoons or simulators. Never hop to gun games if you are still learning to make games. Gun games are hard, especially if you dont understand what the bug is on your game.

Always test your game; Terminate every bug you experience in testing. Make sure your players have a great time on your game. Impress players and get likes.

Now, if you manage to get a premium player to play your game for long, you can earn robux. Make sure your game is addictive, so premium players can help myou by playing the game for long and getting you some robux.

Make sure you have a worth and fair price DevProduct(s)/gamepass(s) It is one of the essential tools to getting alot of robux.

These were most of the pro tips you can use to enhance your game. Make sure to tell your friends about this so they can make great games with you!

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