How to change a Sword's Damage

In this tutorial it will teach you how to change a Sword's Damage.

by stikbloxs

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If you ever play like a "Pvp game" you will see the game has a gear name "Linked Sword" it's cool but its to over power. For an example Horring Housing has a sword but the developer "CookieScript" change the damage so the sword won't be over power. So while you are reading this you will learn how to change a sword's damage!

Follow Theses Steps!

  1. To get the "Linked Sword" you have to get the gear from the ToolBox. Now be careful there might be virus in the model so you have to search up "Sword" and pick the first one. The Username has to be name "Roblox" so its safe to use it.
  2. Great you got the sword! The next thing you need to do is to click > on the left side of the "Gear's  Name."
  3. Find the script name "SwordScript" and click on it you will see a bunch of scripts/code on it go to number 30. You will see BaseDamage, SlashDamage and LungeDamage.

DamageValues = {

BaseDamage = 5,
SlashDamage = 10,
LungeDamage = 30


Now change the numbers to any number you feel like!

For An Example!

DamageValues = {

BaseDamage = 0.3,
SlashDamage = 0.9,
LungeDamage = 10


Feel free to do what ever number you want! :D

  1. Now you got to test the sword! Click on "Plugins" on top of your screen and click the "Build Rig" Then click any button and it will spawn a "Npc." Once you pick one click play and use the "Sword" on the "Rig" and see if it's works!

YOU FINISH! That was easy.

Well you did it! I hope you understand this tutorial and thanks for reading this and checking it out. I hope it was easy for you and not confusion for this tutorial and if you like.. You can go down for some other stuff!

Other Stuff!

If you click the Handle you can see sounds like SwordLunge, SwordSlash and Unsheath. Go to "SoundId" and you can change the sound for it! Make is epic make it funny or make it dark and scary sounds.

More Stuff!

You can as well click the "Mesh" and click on "TextureId" to make your own Texture for your own sword! Even better you can make your own sword model! DON'T FORGET THE ICON FOR IT!

Here is a Link you can dowload the Texture for the sword!

Your still reading this? Thank you for reading the other stuff as well. Again if you don't understand this just read it all to understand it all! You can now Exit. -- stikbloxs

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