Re-bind ShiftLock

Tired of using LeftShift as ShiftLock? This is the right tutorial for you!

by spectrovrz

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Hello there!

This tutorial displays the way to re-bind your ShiftLock.

Most people are probably annoyed with the ShiftLock being binded on "LeftShift".

However, now you won't be! After all, this tutorial displays everything you need!

  1. Go to **StarterPlayerScripts**
  2. Create a **LocalScript** in it.
  3. Name your **LocalScript** to anything. (**Optional**)
  4. Copy the following sentences and paste them into your **LocalScript.**

script.Parent:WaitForChild("PlayerModule"):WaitForChild("CameraModule"):WaitForChild("MouseLockController"):WaitForChild("BoundKeys").Value = "anykey"

If you want to know all keys, make a space and type this:

Enum.KeyCode.["search the key that you want"]

Test it if it works. If it did not work, kindly re-check your script for error.

If it worked, congrats! You've completed the tutorial.

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