Precedence in detail

by Halalaluyafail3

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Precedence is how the operators are evaluted, so something like 3+5*2 ends up as 13, and not 16.

For control over precedence, use parenthesis '(' and ')' to force operations to happen in a specific order.

Indexing ('a.b' or 'a[b]'), function calls ('a(...)'), and method calls ('a:b(...)') always have a higher precedence than the operators.

In lua 5.1 this is the precedence. (from higher to lower priority)


(unary)not      (unary)#      (unary)-

(binary)*      (binary)/      (binary)%

(binary)+      (binary)-


(binary)==      (binary)~=      (binary)<      (binary)>
(binary)<=      (binary)>=



The concatenation operator ('..') and the exponentation operator ('^') are right associative, while everything else is left associative.


x..y..z is equivalent to x..(y..z)


x+y+z is equivalent to (x+y)+z

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