How to monetize your games

A tutorial that explains how you should go on monetizing your game.

by caiomgt

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Hi, today we're going to be learning how to monetize your games.

(note, i wont be teaching the scripts needed for stuff like gamepasses, just ways you could use to earn money in your games)

1) Introduction

So, you may have a wonderful game that you put alot of effort in, it might even be the best thing in the world, but, there's a single problem: Monetization. There's probably two reasons for you to be reading this tutorial: Either you're just reading for fun or is actually concerned on monetization, i dont really care which of these u are, as long as you learn something. Without further ado, lets get into it.

2) Monetization tactics

2 A) Annoying player into Buying

So, you might play those mobile games on your phone where it's very hard to progress on the game and you wanna go through it faster, then you notice that the game sells you a few ways to make the game easier, may it be: Double the cash income, better tools, a paid currency on which you could buy over powered items, etc, making your life a whole lot easier. You may also get a bunch of popups for you to buy in-game items for real money, may it be a no-ads purchase, more cash, anything that'll make you wanna buy it since it makes your life easier while playing the game. That's basically called "Annoying the heck out of the player into buying stuff", which i dont recommend it but you can probably get alot of money that way. An example would be in tycoons where you could buy infinite cash, a better dropper, double the cash income, with constant pop ups to buy it or etc for robux, which can be really absurd when it comes to the robux amount but alot of people buy it either way (for whatever reason lol).

2 B) Ways to donate

Alot of games may have something like a donate gamepass or a tip jar gamepass, where you basically donate robux to the developers for them to help expand the game or something, that would be really useful if you wanted your game to not have any pay to win aspects at all, while still having a way to get robux, an incentive to make the player buy it could be like a custom chat tag/color, or text above the player's head saying they've supported the game, though you could not do any of that and just having a good game should already get you some sales.

2 C) Locking features behind a paywall

The name's pretty self-explanatory, lock features that may not be as necessary but still matter enough for the player to buy it. Examples of this would be like a higher backpack space on simulators(though this could also fall into tactic number 1 depending on your point of view), you dont need it, but it would help alot through the game, another example would be in bloxburg with the three floors gamepass, you dont need it to build a good house, but you get quite alot of space to build more of it and more control over the y axis.

3) Ending

Chill, its not the world that's ending, it's the tutorial. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and learned something from it, i know it was a bit long but i tried my best to make it understandable.

Stay safe, goodbye!

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