How to make Leaderstats

This will teach you how to script the leaderstats

by OGMGuy

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-- Here is the code for you!
    local stats ="BoolValue",plr)
    stats.Name = "leaderstats"

    local cash ="IntValue",stats)
    cash.Name = "Cash"
    cash.Value = 0
-- This only works on Roblox Studio
-- To make this work insert the script in the "ServerScriptStorage"
-- You can name script whatever you want but to be sure name it "Stats"

To be honest with you many of the simulator games have leaderstats.

This is just a basic leaderstats script. There will be more you need to do.

To make this work you actually have to insert another script in this:

"ServerScriptStorage" The code is here to write it in the script.

amount = 2
timedelay = 4
currencyname = "Cash"

while true do
   for i, v in pairs(game.Players:GetPlayers()) do
       if v:FindFirstChild("leaderstats") and v then
           v.leaderstats[currencyname].Value = v.leaderstats[currencyname].Value + amount

What this does:

The first code creates the leaderstats.

The second code gives double cash in 4 seconds.

You can change the amount whatever you want but this is just a showcase.

So that is it i hope you learned something from this.

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I will do another if this game hits 1k likes.

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