Basic Easter Eggs

This will teach you how to make basic easter eggs.

by 1TheDark1

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Classic Easter Egg

This is how you create a very simple easter egg.

For this, Just build a house or something that you cant get in. Then click a block and

disable Can-Collide. After that you will have a classic easter egg in your game.

Teleporter Easter Eggs

This will teach you how to use teleporters for your easter eggs.

1st, Insert a part for the teleporter. Use a color that bends with the other colors,

Thats because its a Easter Egg. Go to the explorer and click "part" (Make sure its the part for the teleporter.) After that,

You must also anchor the part. Now resize it. Now click the part and click "Insert Object" and then click script. Now remove any other

script, If so you can begin. Now insert this:

local TeleportService = game:GetService ("TeleportSerivice")
local GameID = --Game ID--

Copy and paste the game's ID where --GameID-- is written. (Yes --GamedID-- is not part of it)

function onTouched (hit)
     local player = game.Player:GetPlayerFromCharacter (hit.Parent)
     if player then
         TeleportService:Teleport (gameID, player)

script.Parent.Touched:connect (onTouched)

That was how to use a tele for an easter egg.

Thanks For Reading This Tutorial

This was all yet. There will be a part 2 for this tutorial at a point. Hope you learned how to do thoose 2 basic easter eggs.

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