Simple Transportation System!

This is a Simple Transportation System made using bodyposition


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First of all

HI There I hope your having a good day. If not I hope this improves it and also I dont have the best english as it isn't my first langauge, so please excuse that.

Now We get to the scripting part


Open Up Roblox Studio

Add A Part

Then Scale it to 5,1,5

make sure its anchored and CanCallide

should look like this



add in a script and folder and

put a praticle emitter inside the folder

name it whatever


open up the script and type this

local con = script.Parent.con
-- con = the folder inside our part 

function onTouched(hit)
    local char = hit.Parent
    if char and char:FindFirstChild("Humanoid") then
        local trail = con:FindFirstChild("Name Of your particle"):Clone()
        trail.Parent = hit.Parent:FindFirstChild("HumanoidRootPart")
 - change this to whatever u want
        local b ="BodyPosition")
        b.Position = of your part)
 --raise the Y axis by 10 or 5 
        b.MaxForce =, 6000000000, 6000000000)
        b.Parent = char.HumanoidRootPart
        game.Debris:AddItem(trail, 2.5)
 -- the trail lasts for 2.5 seconds
 -- how long the player stays in the air after reaching the position
        b.Parent = nil
 --the player will now drop

script.Parent.Touched:Connect(onTouched) -- basically telling the function to play

tell me if I made any spelleing mistakes in the comments and if it dosen't work write the error you get in the output

thanks for reading and I hope you learned a thing or two

singed, X

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