color changing brick

how to make a brick color change

by Animaziing

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Hi! to make a color changing brick or any code you write , you need to know that the input you give should be

understandable to the computer , if you want to change the color of the block you will have to use this word

"BrickColor" notice the way BrickColor is written? no spaces and the B and C are caps , but if you put

"brickcolor" or "Brickcolor" or "brick color" you will get an error , it is suggested to use the output

The output tell's you all the information about your game including your scripts! if you get an error it will be something like

this : error (and the line number)

this will be written in red

game.workspace.Part.BrickColor ="Really red")

this will be our first line but if you want to add a time gap of 5 secs then you would want to put this before our first line of code

wait(5) -- the 5 in the brackets is the seconds you want it to be so you can change it to any number of seconds

now lets start putting a time gap of our color changing to a 1 second

game.workspace.Part.BrickColor ="Really red") -- part would come after workspace because it lies in it
-- and brickcolor would come after part because it is going to be peformed on the part

game.workspace.Part.BrickColor ="Really blue") 

and like that you go on

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