How to make a successful game

This tutorial will show you how to make a game successful.

by cobrawI

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Heyo! I'm Cob. This tutorial is about making your game successful. What I'm going to be going over is: • Advertisements • How to get the robux for advertisements • How to make your game enjoyable • How to take feedback • How to create original ideas Alright, lets get straight into it.


So. You've completed your game, but nobody seems to play it.. Oh, don't lose hope! I can help you out with that. What you need to do is simply advertise it! You can sponsor your game, or advertise it. I'll go over both. Sponsoring You can sponsor a game by clicking 'Create' on the ROBLOX website, and on the left column, click 'Games'. Scroll around for the game you want to sponsor and click the gear/cog icon next to it. Underneath 'Advertise', select 'Sponsor'. Select the devices you want to sponsor it on. Remember not to select ones your game is incompatible with! Once you've checked the boxes you want to sponsor it on, click 'Create'.

You should automatically be re-directed to 'Sponsored Games'. Click the gear/cog icon again, then simply click run and bid whatever amount of robux you have.

Advertisements You can advertise a game by clicking the gear/cog icon in 'Create', downloading whatever template you will use and drawing your advertisement. Now go back to that tab, import your advertisement and wait for it to be approved by a moderator. Once approved, you should be re-direccted to the 'User Ads' tab. Click the gear/cog icon and run it. Bid whatever amount of robux, and it should be advertised!

How to get the robux for advertisements

Okay. This question will go a long way, I'll start with the most simple one. Buy it Yeah, pretty self explanatory. Buy your robux. Get hired I don't mean get a job, I mean you can get hired as a builder/scripter/GFX creator, or whatever you do in development. Don't get hired for jobs like "If the game gets big you'll get paid", as those are likely scams. Also don't create the games where they have access to it, create the games in your own roblox studio profile/group. Once they've paid you, give your build/script to them.

How to make your game enjoyable

Regular updates, New never-seen-before features An overall good game idea

How to take feedback

Okay. Your game is successful, but people seem to be giving you LOTS of feedback and update ideas. Whoa, this is a lot of work for you to handle - but I can help!

Be friendly while getting feedback. You have no ideas how many times I've seen someone get angry over constructive feedback. I mean, unless they are talking bad against your game.. If it doesn't fit the ROBLOX ToS, don't do it. Make sure it follows the roblox rules. If it doesn't, you and your game could get banned. Don't trust feedback from friends/family I mean, DO take feedback from them. But don't really trust it because they might say 'oh wow, this is amazing!' because they are your friends/family.

How to create original ideas

Take inspiration from songs, other games (but don't copy them completely), or even go on DevForum or any forum where people might be asking for game ideas, and look at the ideas people gave. You can also interview random people in the ROBLOX community, or ask ideas from your friends.

Okay. That's about it for this tutorial. Hope it helped, and I can't wait to see your games!

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