Module Scripts

This will teach you the basics of module scripts.

by F_ireplace

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Module Scripts

What are Module Scripts?~~

Well, Module scripts are a special type of script roblox has given us to make coding easier

and less messy.

How do I find it?~~

You would insert it as you would for any other type of script. Right click and find it.

Where do I keep it?~~

You can keep it in any place that will replicate to the player. Places such as ReplicatedStorage,

StarterPlayer, StarterGUI and etc...

How do I use it?~~

In a local script or starter script, make a variable called module.

Module scripts have a special calling function that you must use to find it's directory.


local module = require(game.Workspace:GetService("ReplicatedStorage"):WaitForChild("Module"))

So in this instance, I have kept the module script in the replicated storage where it's easily


Now, go into the module script. You might see some code already there. That's basically a

table to keep your functions.

So, to make an actual function type this out: (I will explain as we go)

module = {}

function module:CreatePart()



return module 

As you can see, it does look different from a regular function that you might write in a local

or server script. Don't worry we can break it down. So, how do you usually make a function?

You usually start with typing out function and the name you want to call it. Like so:

function functionName()


Well, it's bascially the same here but you can see that there's something between function and

the name. It's :module. So, why is that there? Well, think of it as another variable but you

won't be using it in the module script. You will be calling it from a local or server script.

This is beacuse as you make functions, you will need to call them somehow and using


will help you. Now, in my example I want to create a part when I click a button. So, let's go back the local script and quickly make a script that will do so.

local partButton = script.Parent 



So basically when the button is clicked, it will trigger an event. With this we can now go back

into the module script and make a part.

module = {}

function module:CreatePart()

  local part ="Part",workspace)


return module

So, now that the function is created we need a way to actually make it happen.

How do we do this? Well, we can start by going back the local script and using a special feature

to call it. We are also going to keep the variable so we can call it in the local script.

local partButton = script.Parent
local module = require(game:GetService("ReplicatedStorage"):WaitForChild("Module")) 




So, does something look familiar? Well, as you can see this would be the same way you would call

a regular function to trigger except this time you are calling it from the module script.

You can see this when in the module script we wrote it as:

function module:CreatePart()

ex of a regular/local script:

~~ function CreatePart()

Now, in the local script we are calling the function to happen:


ex of a regular/local script:


So, now when you click the button a part should apprear in your workspace.

How does this help?

Well this is much easier to call for 1 script instead of making multiple scripts for each player.

It also looks cleaner and cooler :)

There are many different uses for this and if you keep experimenting and practicing you will find

many more!

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