Spinning Surface Gui

A tutorial on how to make a Image spin.

by hwoagh_a

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Inserting the Surface Gui.

First of all you need a brick, Then you go to your Explorer on the right side

then select your part/brick.


When you have selected your brick/part right click and click Insert Object and

try to find Surface Gui.


After that select Surface Gui and do the same thing, Right click then Insert

Object but instead of Surface Gui click on ImageLabel


Then select ImageLabel then go to properties on your left and scroll down till

you find Image Catagory


(Kinda Blurry sorry)


We need to change the size also scroll down untill you see size.

Make sure the size is the same as the picture.


Okay once you scroll down in properties, click on that and search a image

id in toolbox. Lets say this one (Copy paste if you want) 2589812754

Paste it into the box there. First off we need a script click isnert object and click script.



Now open/click Script

First we need a looping script. (True while do) you can learn that in a a form

here. (Make sure its blank) Now Type in this

while true do

then we need to add a rotation.

while true do

for i = 1, 360 do

script.Parent.Rotation = i/.025

Finishing touch

while true do

for i = 1, 360 do
script.Parent.Rotation = i/.025

Contact for help

if you need any help just dm me in Discord.

Username: Racingguy1432#2503

I hope you learn something this is my first time!

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