Using scripts via dev console.

How to use your in-game developer console to execute some small scripts.

by Jayma1322

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What can the Dev Console be used for?

If you need to kick someone from your game, insert a fun script you don't have in already, or just need to execute some quick code in-game, the developer console can help!

In game, if you press F9, this will show up!


But if you own the game, you'll see an input bar at the bottom.

What differences are there from normal scripts?

In the developer console, variables don't carry over. If you were to do something like this...

local test = 2

And in a different broadcast in the dev console you put


You'd get an error, because the variable test would not carry over.

Sample script : Kicking players

Kick player:

local player = "PlayerName" game.Players[player]:Kick('You have been kicked')

Here, you can also customise the kick message, inside the quotes. If you have a script for a GUI, you can put the script in here to execute it!

Wrapping up this tutorial.

Just now, we learned what scripts you can use in here. If you were to google "roblox dev console scripts", as long as you don't use any scripts that break roblox ToS, you can use some scripts you find in there!

This is my first tutorial, I'd love to see your feedback in the comments!

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