Union and Negate

Using the Union and Negate tools in Studio

by Cyxevi

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What are Union and Negate?

Union and Negate are an understanding of two words:

The main purpose of these tools is to cut out a part of a block, such as to make a doorway, you will need to cut a hole in the wall that fits the door.

Negate turns a part in your workspace negative, which means when applied onto another block, the negative block will cut out anything that the negative block goes through using the union function.

If you then wanted to undo this action, you can use the separate tool.

Using the Negate and Union tools (Negative)

I am going to be making a bowl. Firstly, insert a sphere from the parts menu, and resize it to your liking. This needs to cut in half to be able to create a bowl.

  1. Firstly, insert a block from the parts menu. This is going to be your negative part that will cut the sphere in half. 
  2. Resize the part to be big enough to wrap around half of the sphere.
  3. Click on the block part and click Negate under the solid modelling tool. This will turn the block red.
  4. Move the block so that it covers exactly half of the sphere
  5. Hold the Control or Command button (differs between the devices you are using) and click on both the sphere and the part. Then click Union.

Now your sphere is a semisphere. If you did anything wrong regarding placing the block into the sphere, you can press separate which will undo your union and give back both of your blocks.

Try it again

Now you have finished one step of your bowl creation. The final step is to hollow out your semisphere.

Insert another sphere annd make it a bit smaller compared to the sphere that you started with. Then cut this sphere in half using the steps above.

After you have cut the second sphere, apply a negate onto the smaller semisphere and place it inside the bigger semisphere but make sure both semispheres' surfaces align. Then select both semispheres and click Union. Now you have created a bowl!

Thank you!

Thank you for viewing this tutorial. I hope you found it helpful. If you want to see my version of a bowl I have added it on my profile!

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