Custom Loading Screens

This tutorial goes over making custom loading screens when players join your experience.

by weselito

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This tutorial will show you the basics of setting up a custom loading screen for your experience when players join. Here is the default loading screen:

image|100x100 Here is a customised loading screen:

image|100x100 As you can see, the customised loading screen looks way better. So lets get into making one for your experience!


  1. The first step is to get Custom Loading Screens 1.0. It is available from the following link:
  1. Secondly, open up Roblox Studio.
  2. Once you are in Studio, open the experience you want the custom loading screen for. 4a. Then make sure Toolbox is open. It looks like this:

image|100x100 4b. If Toolbox isn't open, click view in the top menu. Heres what it looks like:

image|100x100 4c. After clicking view, click the icon which looks like a hammer with a box around it.

image|100x100 5. Once you have Toolbox open, click Inventory at the top.

image|100x100 6. After opening Inventory, click Custom Loading Screens 1.0 to add it to Workspace. 7. Once you have it in Workspace, delete ThumbnailCamera. 8. Move the script into ReplicatedFirst 9. Move LoadingScreen into StarterGui 10. Modify LoadingScreen to your liking! Be cautious however and DON'T rename the Gui. 11. Finally, move LoadingScreen to ReplicatedFirst.


You should now have a fully customised loading screen for your experience! I hope this helps you in making great loading screens!

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